Hand Hygiene

Topics: Hygiene, Hand washing, Hand sanitizer Pages: 11 (1918 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Assessment Activity Pack to Support unit IC01

The principles of Infection Prevention and Control

Name:……………….. Date …………………

Assessor ……………………

Please complete the following tasks and submit them to your assessor for assessment.

DO NOT COPY YOUR ANSWERS FROM ANY SOURCE AS THIS WILL BE VIEWED AS PLAGIARISM WHICH IS AN OFFENCE. If you wish to introduce other sources of information this must be referenced.

Please note the Tipex must not be used.

|Explain employees’ and employers, responsibilities in relation to the prevention and control of infection |

1.1, 1.2
| | |EMPLOYEES’ | | | |Employees who work in communal living environments | |Employees who work with hazardous substances | |Employees whose work activities may expose them to infection | |Employees working with individuals who may be vulnerable to infection | | | |Employees have responsibilities to: | | | |Self | |Colleagues | |Employer | |Clients/Customers | |Visitors | | | | | |EMPLOYERS’ | | | |Employers’ responsibilities arise from: | |Legal responsibilities | |Organisational responsibilities | |Personal/moral responsibilities. Employers’ are responsible for: | |Assessing risks | |Putting procedures in place | |Ensuring procedures are followed...
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