Hand Guns: Legalize or Ban?

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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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Megan Oster
ENC1102 – Crombie
Rogerian Argument
April 20, 2011
Hand Guns: Legalize or Ban?
There have always been questions as to if hand guns should be legal, or illegal, to all citizens. Is it right for anyone to carry a gun and shoot it when they want to? Many people believe that anyone has the right to walk in to a store and buy a gun, while others think there should be more involved, such as background checks and identification papers. There have always been arguments between pro and anti-gun citizens, and even with the new rules out there are still arguments. There are people who say hand guns in a home can only cause accidents. This is valid because there have been several incidents where a child has thought that a gun is a toy and has injured themself or others. Also, there have been situations where a gun has been left lying around loaded and someone was shot accidentally. Sometimes guns are left out in the open and some people even get the idea to shoot themselves. It is estimated that four people die each day because of accidental gun fire. Anti-gun users have pointed out the fact that states who haven’t taken their gun laws seriously have had an increase in homicides. “Guns, obviously, are built, designed and operated for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill things with (Edelstein).” Some people have that opinion because it is true. Also, more people have died from criminal use of guns, such as gang fights for example. Some people think it is easy for anyone to get access to a hand gun, and it actually is. The laws in some states don't even require a waiting period, forms of identification, or even a background check. Anti-gun users think that if handguns are illegal it is still possible for criminals to get them. There are still gang members out there illegally buying guns. If that came to a stop, some believe there would be a decrease in gang violence and armed robberies. The disagreement that pro-gun users have is associated with the...
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