Hand and Fine Motor Skills

Topics: Hand, Finger, Index finger Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Age | Fine motor skills | Gross Motor Skills |
Birth | Can open eyes & make faces, grasps finger when put in palm of their hand | Can kick arms and wave arms laying on back. | 3 months | Watches movements of their hands and plays with their fingers, clasps and unclasps hands and can hold a rattle but not for long. | Lifts up head and chest and can wave arms and brings hands together over the body. | 6 months | Can reach for a toy, can move a toy from one hand to another and can put object into their mouth. | Can move their aims to indicate that they want to be lifted. Can roll over from back to front. | 12 months | Can use index finger and thump to pick up small objects, can point something with the index finger if wants something. | They may stand alone briefly/ My walk holding on the furniture but some children may be walking without any help. | 2 years | Can daw simple shapes like circle and dots, uses spoon effectively to feed with. | Can run, climb on to furniture (settee, chair) and uses sit and ride toys (rocking horse) | 3 years | Turns pages in a book, one by one. Can wash and dry hands with help. Can hold a crayon and draw a face. | Steers and pedals a tricycle. Can run forward and backwards and can throw a large ball. | 4 years | Button, and unbutton own clothing; can cut out simple shapes like triangle and a square. | Walks on a line, aims and throws a ball and hops on one foot. | 5 years | Forms letters and can write their own name. Can colour in pictures and can complete 20 piece puzzles. | Skip with a rope, run quickly avoiding obstacles and can throw a large ball to a partner and can catch it. | 6-8 years | Able to join hand writing, cut out shapes accurately. Produces detailed drawing and can tie and untie shoe laces. | Can hop skip and jump confidently. Balance on a beam. Chases and doges others. Can use a bicycle...
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