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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Hancock Manufacturing A Vision For The Future|
May 13, 2013|


Hancock Manufacturing has invested heavily in their technological advancements. Technology has allowed the organization to work more efficiently and be more proficient. Within the past 10 years there have been multiple changes in which technology has helped, such as their communication and networking system. Hancock Manufacturing can stay in touch their clients globally to maintain the company client relationship. Employees can check the orders and supplies needed for each item purchased by the clients online and ensure tracking for their purchase. Working within the manufacturing industry there have been many updates in the equipment needed in which technology has helped expedite the process allowing a higher profit. Diversity

At Hancock manufacturing, The Human resources department ensures Diversity that makes a positive strong impact to how the organization is looked at by both the employees and consumers. Human resources will enforce diversity training and policies so such cultural differences eventually would decline within the organization. The Issues pertains sexual orientation, ethnic differences, Racism, and ageism. The issues will also pertain Military Veterans and veterans who have a service connected disability. At Hancock manufacturing, there will also be a mentoring program that will reach out and sponsor community centers in the local areas, such as recreation areas for school aged kids and local areas that are poverty stricken. Ethics

Here at Hancock Manufacturing we take pride in ensuring that our employees work in a safe and productive environment to manufacture products with high customer satisfaction and exceptional quality. We have a work environment is free from forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment toward our customers, employees, or vendors. We are also able to accomplish this by protecting employees from injury...
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