Han and Roman Dynasty View on Technology

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Han Dynasty Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: January 3, 2012
After studying the provided documents (#1-8) its come to my understanding that both the Han and Roman empires thought of technology as useful and somewhat revolutionary, but both of them had somewhat different feelings of it. The Han dynasties attitude toward technology was that they thought it was very benefical, and they admired it. The reason this was because they though it to be very helpful in agriculture and construction purposes. Evidence of the positive effects of this can be seen in Document 4: History of the Early Han Dynasty which tells of a governer of Nanynay and as the very generous and loving person he was his policies also refelcted his personality. He had so much love for his people he wanted to lift weight of their shoulders and make their lives a little easier by inventing a water-powered blowing-engine which was enjoyed by eveyone adopted and spread his invention. The Roman empire however were not as positive about technology as the Hans. Even though they appreciated it to some extent the main viewpoint from the documents suggested that they thought of it was a bit demeaning also. Evidence can be found in Document 7, written by an upper-class Roman philospher and adviser which was saying that he did not believe that tools were created by "wise men" meaning a very developed mind, or someone who was thinking outside the box. He believe like the hammer for instance was created by a simple minded human, though its a very popular tool it was not advanced a tool as it could've been.

Han and Romans both used technology for conservation and storage purposes of water in the environment. In Document 1 written by a Han goverment official. He wrote about the most efficent ways to ensure that flooding would be prevented. He thinks everyone should cooperate togther as a team, the high officals should patrol each side of the river and the common people should help in construction and repair. They welcome technology in this way because it will be saving...
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