Han and Roman Dbq

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  • Published : September 26, 2010
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The Han and Roman’s attitudes toward technology were very different. The Han’s appreciated the technology that was provided to them, but some appreciated the technology before and others like it now. The Roman upper -class don’t respect the technology they only care about what comes from it. The beauty and grace of it. The Han’s also believed that the technology was invented by wise men that had a lot of thought into the technology. The Roman’s believed that the technology could be made by anyone and that it wasn’t that hard of work. (1)Han government official said that there should be one high official and one deputy with just enough workers to meet the need. There should also be one person selected as chief hydraulic engineer for both sides of the river. The technology is appreciated for the use of keeping their rivers, canals, pools, and dikes clean and taken care of. (2)Han Guan, Han government official stated that before the technology now the tools used were of excellent quality. With the technology used now the tools are hard and brittle. The salt and iron are sold at very high prices as well, so many common people cannot afford them. These people were appreciative toward the technology that was used before. It might have been more work, but their tools were of higher quality. (5)Cicero, upper-class Roman political leader implied that the technology now is easy work. They have been taught the following: Vulgar and unbecoming to a gentleman are all the jobs hired workers take on, whose labor is purchased rather than their skill. They are saying that the work now is just for the people of lower class. They don’t respect the work that they put in to it. (6)Plutarch, Greek-born Roman citizen and high official said he was anxious about road building, paying attention to utility as well as to that which was beneficial to grace and beauty. Saying the roads were paved with quarried stone, and made solid by tightly packed sand. All he is saying is that he cares...
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