Han's Crimes Essay

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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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Without A Doubt

Although the jury finds Han not guilty of pre-meditated murder, the details of the story show his crime to be in fact pre-meditated murder. All evidence shows that, he has a deceptive and manipulative character. He has the opportunity to commit murder without blame, and because he has a reason. Upon hearing the interview of character witnesses and analyzing Hans's thoughts and feelings during the course of the murder, the reader finds sufficient evidence of the several reasons Han intentionally killed his wife during the course of the act. There are three major reasons as to why Han is guilty. The first being a mistake like this cannot happen to an experienced performer, secondly Han's manipulative character, and lastly Han's motives for killing his wife.

When interviewing the Director of the Theatre, we find out a few things, which help us understand why he murdered his wife. When the judge questioned the director if the act was difficult the exact answer was "No, Your Honor it's not as difficult as that for an experienced performer" (250). Han has performed this act many times, which makes him an experienced performer, knowing this we can say that from the director's statement Han knew what he was doing when the act was in play. When the judge asked the director for his opinion on whether or not he believes that this was all an accident or was a done with an intention to kill the directors response was "That I simply cannot say, your Honor" (250). From this quote, we can see much hesitation from the witness who clearly knew Han from working with him; this shows that Han's own friend cannot defend him simply because he knows Han is guilty of pre-meditated murder.

Han's actions directly after the murder play a part in unraveling his manipulative character. When the judge was in the process of questioning Han, Han revealed a key component to the case, which shows what kind of man he was. When the judge's statement arose about...
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