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Introduction (page:6)Animals of the World.
*SQUEK* *SQUEK* What’s that? a rat ? a mouse? Nope that’s a Hamster. What is a hamster? A hamster is a small furry animal with bright eyes and a barrel-shaped body. Hamsters are mammals—animals that feed their young with milk made by the mother. Hamsters are probably best known for their seemingly endless supply of energy. They are also known for their ability to store large amounts of food in punches under their cheeks. When they are full their pouches can make their cheeks puff out like someone blowing into a whistle. Hamsters can make great pets. Once they are comfortable. They enjoy attention and are curious about the world around them. First body paragraph; (page:16)Animals of the World.

Just like human beings individual hamsters can have their own unique personalities. But certain breeds do tend to have common traits. For example, Golden hamsters, whose ancestors lived alone, do not like ro live with other hamsters. Dwarf hamsters once lived together in the wild so they like to have company of their own kind. If you are considering a dwarf hamster as a pet, then find a pair like male, male or female, female from the same litter that have already bonded. Hamsters must feel safe and secure in their environment. When they do, they are energetic, curious, and playful. They love attention from their owners and enjoy exploring the world around them. Second body paragraph; (page:20)Animals of the World.

Hamsters are omnivores , which means they eat a little bit of everything. The easiest way to meet your hamster’s nutritional needs is with a diet that combines a high-quality dry hamster food. Hamsters need food and water throughout the day. Feeding your hamster a small serving of fresh food every day is a great way to supplement its diet and maintain its interest in eating. Dried vegetables, cooked oats and barley, sunflower seeds, and dog biscuits are all good choices....
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