Hamlets Love for Ophelia

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Hamlet's Love for Ophelia
Throughout Hamlet many people were left wondering if Hamlet really did love Ophelia or not. Hamlet was not that interested in Ophelia, but at the same time he was. It’s almost as if he was bipolar when it came to love. Shakespeare did a really good job showing this concept when it came to writing this play. In this play, Ophelia and Hamlet had a love and hate relationship. At times it seemed like they loved each other, but at other times it seemed like they hated each other. Although Hamlet never really showed affection for Ophelia and he admitted to loving her once she was dead, he really did not love her at times. In the beginning, Hamlet and Ophelia seem to love each other and everything seemed to be going well. In this following quote, Hamlet is speaking to Ophelia and admits to loving her at one point. Hamlet tells Ophelia, “This was sometime a paradox, but now the time gives it proof. I did love you once” (Act 3, Scene 1, 123-124). This quote doesn’t seem strong enough for Ophelia to actually believe Hamlet’s love for her. This quote is important because it gives the reader a little hint of what Hamlet's feelings for Ophelia are. It gives us insight on how Hamlet started to confuse Ophelia with love. As much as Ophelia loved Hamlet, Hamlet acts as if she is not even there. At one point in the play, Hamlet wants to send Ophelia to a nunnery. Hamlet tells Ophelia, “Get thee to a nunnery. Why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners?” (Act 3, Scene 1, 130-131). This means that Hamlet wants Ophelia to go to a nunnery so that she won’t have any kids. Hamlet doesn’t love her enough to have kids with her. This is important because it shows how much Hamlet really cares about Ophelia, when he doesn’t really care about her at all. He seems to not care about her because if he would've really cared about her then he would of not told her that. Even if he said that he wanted to send her to a nunnery, at other times it seems like he loves her....
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