Hamlet's Angry Focus

Topics: Hamlet, Suicide, Family Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: March 19, 2013

Hamlets character changes his focus of anger throughout the 2 silioguies, “O what a rogue” (1.2.549) and “O this too sullied flesh” (1.2.129). He finds out Claudius killed his father (Hamlet Sir). In the first “O this too too sullied” silidoquey, Hamlet is angry with his mother. Hamlet is so depressed he wishes it wasn’t a sin to commit suicide; he is falling apart. Hamlet is angry and upset at Gertrude because of her fast marriage to Claudius (his uncle), right after the death of her husband and Hamlets father, Hamlet Sr. Hamlet understood and saw how much love Gertrude had for Hamlet Sr; following his body around at his funeral. Hamlet feels Gertrude’s feelings are fake at the funeral. Hamlet is also mad at Gertrude because of her frailty, she needs a man to meet her sexual pleasures and her standards are low. This angers Hamlet as Claudius is not half the man Hamlet Sr. was. This marriage happened within a month of Hamlet Sr.’s death, allowing him to rage. Later in the play Hamlet meets with his father’s ghost. At this time Hamlet Sr. reveals to Hamlet that Claudius had poisoned (killed) Hamlet Sr. Hamlet Sr. asks his loyal son to get revenge on the villain (Claudius) that murdered him, thus changing his raging anger from Gertrude to Claudius. Now, with this information it allows Hamlet to be angrier with his Uncle Claudius as he has married his mother a month AFTER KILLING his father. Hamlet is going to take his anger out on Claudius with revenge by killing him. Therefore, Hamlets focus of his anger changed from Gertrude to Claudius between the two soliloquies, since the ghost of Hamlet Sr. revealed the secret of his death to his son.
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