Hamlet Scene Representation

Topics: Tableau vivant, Stain, Shirt Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Scene Proposals
The scene Words, words, words, from lines 2.2.189-239 illustrates the first confrontation between Hamlet and Polonius. Thus, I decided to make a tableau vivant of tennis game at the start and end of the game. In the tableau I will consider characters’ location, posture, gesture, props and the settings relating them to themes motifs and symbols.

The first tableau vivant will demonstrate the game in the first point. Polonius will be in the net; ready to slam Hamlet’s serve devolution, which is at the back of the quart. Polonius is wearing a polo shirt while Hamlet is wearing a stained red, white and black shirt. Polonius is smiling confidently while Hamlet has a frowned indecisive face. To complete the first tableau, the day is cloudy and dark.

Polonius being on the net expresses his feeling of confidence on confronting Hamlet. On the other hand, Hamlet at the back of the quart exemplifies his feeling of doubt and uncovering of his father’s death. The polo shirt used by Polonius reflects his sureness of confronting Hamlet and his intent of trespassing the idea of pertaining to high-status. Meanwhile, Hamlet’s stained and tricolored shirt articulates his feeling of doubts and emphasizes his madness, which up to this point, the audience does not know it is staged. The facial expression is used to reinforce the idea of Polonius confidence versus Hamlet’s uncertainty. The cloudy and dark day is used to mirror Hamlet’s emotions.

The second tableau vivant, a contrast of the first, illustrates the last point in the game. This time, Polonius is gasping for air at the back of the quart, with his polo dirty and dripping from sweat. Very differently, Hamlet is still with a tricolored shirt, but it has a ‘fashion’ stain and he is up on the net ready to strike a final curve ball. Hamlet is containing his laughter with a smile in his face and the day has become sunny.

Polonius gasping for air and dripping from sweat represents how fooled he was by...
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