Hamlet Response Essay

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  • Published : March 11, 2007
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Kelsey Cunningham 1 ENLT 120

Hamlet Essay

In doing the Pentad Analysis I found that there are many important key terms in Hamlet and a lot of them are said and repeated in dramatic parts of the play. The word speak is one of the key terms that occurs the most. It occurs many times in the play. "Speak" is a major word in the play because everyone throughout the play is trying to get answers from someone else. In my key terms I found that a lot of the time "speak" is being said it is said repeatedly. It is said repeatedly because it occurs in very dramatic parts of the play, the characters and in a very intense moment.

I did not notice any specific patterns or thematic relationships in doing the Pentad Analysis of key terms. I only found that it is one of the more frequent words in the play.

"Speak" is important both in the play and the real world. In order to communicate with one another we will most often speak to them. In Hamlet, the word "speak" is important because the characters use it a lot in order to get answers. In the real world we usually do not use "speak" in the same context as Shakespeare uses it in his plays but it is said just as much in different terms.

Ophelia surprised and excited me in the later part of the play. Not necessarily any passages of hers but the way she developed throughout, she was pretty quiet in the beginning and middle of the play. Even when she was forbidden to ever see Hamlet she just sat there and obeyed her father and brother. She didn't even try to put up a fight to be with the man she was in love with. She obeys everyone throughout most of the play until her father is killed by Hamlet. Ophelia just snaps, she disobeys the King and Queen by escaping the room she is in and running...
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