Hamlet Questions

Topics: Characters in Hamlet, Hamlet, Gertrude Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: January 1, 2013
1. No, Gertrude does not tell Claudius the entire truth about what happened between her and Hamlet. She tells him that Hamlet killed Polonius and that Hamlet is going insane. Hamlet advised her to tell Claudius that he is crazy and not tell him that she knows that he is faking it.

2. Claudius understands the implications of Hamlet’s killing Polonius. He orders Hamlet to be sent to England and secretly arranges him to be put to death when he is in England. Claudius understands that he could have been killed and immediately thinks about how this murder could affect him rather than mourn the loss of Polonius.

1. Claudius realizes that he cannot just simply arrest Hamlet because the Danish people adore Hamlet, and doing so could reflect negatively on him.

2.Hamlet jokes about death and worms when Claudius is trying to get Hamlet to tell him where the body is. Hamlet jokes by saying Polonius is being eaten by worms to Claudius and continues by saying that even a king could be eaten by a worm, insinuating that Claudius will also die and be eaten by worms too. -(SORTA right: diet is what we eat but also is what the meeting of the king and assembly historical humor?)

3.Hamlet is being sent to collect tribute owed to Denmark as a royal representative, but when he gets to England he is suppose to be murdered.

4. The letter is addressed to the King of England, asking to kill Hamlet upon his arrival in England and that Hamlet has lost his mind, posing danger to Denmark.


5. Hamlet’s soliloquy is unusual because it he is questioning his revenge plans and almost having second thoughts. He compares himself to a beast and says that he is an animal for his actions. He thinks about the pros and cons just like he thought of the pros and cons for suicide. 6.

1. We learn that Gertrude took notice of Hamlet’s accusations and recommendations. She said that she feels guilt and that her soul is “sick.” Clearly, meaning that she...
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