Hamlet: Polonius's Advice

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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Polonius’s Advice
This short piece of the story of Hamlet, talks about how Polonius is giving some good advice to his son Leartes who is the king of Denmark and he teaches him three basic things before he leaves to travel to a foreign country. These three concepts are money, friendship and self-confidence.

First, Polonius tells his son to be careful with money, which is an important advice for a young person who lacks of financial experience. I think this is a very important advice, especially for Leartes, because he is just about to start a trip to a foreign country, one that maybe he does not knows, and he has to be really careful how he spends his money, and in what, because it has to last the whole trip. The second advice Polonius gives to Leartes is to always stick close to true friends. This is a good advice for someone starting out in the world. I think this can be one of the most important advices someone can give, because true friend will ever stand beside you, no matter what, they will always help you, and they will never be a bad influence to you, so you can find trust and support on them. If you stick to a bad friendship, or cut the bond between you and a very good friend, soon enough you will find yourself standing alone, with nobody there to give you a hand, or to help you. And the last but not least is that if you always keep true to yourself, you will develop self-confidence and integrity. I think this means that being yourself, and not what everybody expects you to be makes you a better person, an integral person, and you will develop your self-esteem, so you will believe in to the values, beliefs and attitudes that we hold about ourselves, without carrying about what people might think.

In conclusion, Polonius is giving useful advices to his son Leartes for the future, for him to appreciate and use in his trip. I think we can all use this advices, in our houses, in our schools, it does not matters we are not in a foreign country, but...
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