Hamlet Political and Ethical Dilemma's

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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What comes to your mind when you think of Hamlet? Is the love Hamlet had for Ophelia, or maybe it is all the killing that happens in the play? Have you ever thought about the political and ethical dilemmas in the play? Some of the dilemmas only pertained to Shakespeare’s time. While others were universal applying to all times. There were many political and ethical dilemmas that pertained to Shakespeare’s time and all times, one of the political dilemmas is when Demark needed to know if Norway was going to go to war, and an example of one of the ethical dilemmas would be Lord Polonius telling his daughter not to have anything to do with Hamlet anymore, and there were many more. In the play Hamlet one of the political dilemmas is about Norway and Demark. Denmark sends messengers to Norway to find out if they are going to war. This happens all throughout history so this dilemma is universal. Countries go to war all the time. Right now the United States of America is at war with terrorists, and before America was even officially a country they had to go to war with Britain. With that in mind war will always go on and is not just a part of Shakespeare’s time. One of the ethical dilemmas in the play is Lord Polonius trying to protect his children. Lord Polonius doesn’t think Hamlet truly love his daughter so he tells her to not except his love. Parents try to protect their daughters and sons from guys and girls all the time. They don’t like to see their children get heartbroken and be sad. They tell them to stay away from that guy or girl because he is no good. “Set your entreatments at a higher rate Than a command to parley. For Lord Hamlet, Believe so much in him, that he is young And with a larger tether may he walk….Do not believe his vows; for they are brokers.”(Polonius Act 1 Scene 3). This is the quote where Lord Polonius is telling Ophelia not to trust or love Hamlet.”You shall do marvelous wisely, good Reynaldo, Before you visit him, to make inquire Of his...
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