Hamlet Journal Entry

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  • Published : March 12, 2012
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5. Act 1: 1st Entry; I am still in morn. My father's death came as to a shock to me. The cause of his death is unknown, which leaves me curious as to what really happened. It has been one month since his death and my father's brother; Claudius, is to be married to my mother. How can this be, after only one month? My father was a good man; loyal, trusting and good at heart. Does my mother realize? How can she already remarry, especially to her own brother? I don't understand how they could already be in love so soon after my fathers death. This is very suspicious. 2nd Entry; My fathers back from the dead! Could it be true? Does Horatio speak the truth? He is such the scholar, but do his eyes deceive him? I shall go and look for my self! 3rd Entry; It's true! My father has chosen to show to warn me about the unfaithful deeds. He has been murdered by Claudius. I will avenge him. Is my mother blind to these intentions? I am now mad. That will be the explanation which people will say in my defense. I will play insane, for people will expect such intentions of my revenge. My father's murder has now brought me to an unconscious state. When I seek revenge, it is merely just an act of my madness. I must reveal his sinister-like actions. I will reveal Claudius, and kill him at the right time. I shall heed my father's commands. 4th Entry; Claudius killed, for the crown and the wife's hand of my father. He shall pay. My revenge is going to be sweet sorrow, for when I slay Claudius, the country will know of these intentions which he had. Act 2: 1st Entry; I displayed an act of madness to Ophelia. Hopefully, she will tell this to her father, which will then tell the King, that I have gone mad. 2nd Entry; I met with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They were acting quite different. I hope that I could trust these fellow companions. Also, I greeted the players, which will be acting in the play, which I have written,"The Murder of Gonzago". This play reveals what might have happened...
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