Hamlet Is Guilty

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  • Published : May 27, 2010
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Although Hamlet gave the impression of a crazed man, driven mad by love and death, his actions reflect a man of consciousness, ultimately supporting the idea that his intentions were known and he is guilty in all aspects. His rollercoaster of intense emotions are meant to appeal to the audience’s sympathetic nature, but his conscious doesn’t prevent him from committing future crimes and becoming destructive. Hamlet seems to question himself mentally about the credibility of the ghost as well as the idea of seeking revenge on his uncle Claudius, but he continues to ignore the possible consequences on the path to his downfall. Hamlet’s first awareness of his actions is when he stabs Polonius as he eavesdrops behind the curtain. Hamlet believed that the sinner was actually Claudius, but in fact it was the father of his lover. Upon revealing this mistake, Hamlet expresses “…But heaven hath pleased it so, to punish me with this, and this with me…the death I gave him” (III. iv 174-178). Even though Hamlet has not yet avenged his father, God is punishing him for even thinking of doing so by giving him strong feelings of guilt about the accidental murder. The murder of Polonius directly leads to the death of his daughter Ophelia, who was Hamlet’s love interest in the play. Ophelia, throughout the play, is very dependant on men, so once her father is killed by the man she supposedly “loves,” she goes insane. Hamlet obviously feels guilty about her death, explaining how he would do anything for her, and the fight with Laertes on her grave allows the audience to see how Hamlet’s mind is consumed with rage; not at Laertes, but at himself for her death and his involvement with it. Hamlet’s inquisitive mind consumes his thoughts so often that he is unable to completely listen to his own conscience ironically for fear of betraying the ones he loves. From the start of his demise, Hamlet realizes that by acting as if he is insane, his violent path will seem more...
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