Hamlet Horatio

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  • Published : September 6, 2011
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Based on Shakespeare’s great novel, Hamlet, this piece is a eulogy written for Hamlet Prince of Denmark, to be presented by the character Horatio. My friends, we have gathered here today to celebrate the life of our friend and most valiant prince Hamlet. It is fitting that we are gathered here today in this great abbey as it was one of the most important places in his life. It was here where his father was crowned and where, had he not been so sadly taken from us, he would of been crowned. It is also the site of his baptism and communion and it now the place where we pay homage to his character and deeds and finally lay to rest his courageous soul. Hamlet was a prince of the people, a friend to all and a devoted son and he met his death with courage, nobility and honour. It was a life lived to the fullest but a life cut so tragically short and my duty to speak of his life. It’s a testament to his personality and virtues that so many have come here to commemorate his life. Indeed, Hamlet touched the lives of so many not because he was expected to because of his title but rather because he took a genuine interest in the lives and affairs of others. His interaction with nobles, players and common folk, is a truly noble and commendable achievement and it is this trait that truly made him a prince of the people. Being a prince of the people meant that he made an effort to make friends with those he met. Those he befriended know that what Hamlet valued above gold and silver was loyalty. He never expected to gain it from you because of his title but because he earned it through his personality and his steely resolve, even in his darkest hours, to endeavour to live his life according to his vales. It was Hamlet, who I regard as my dearest friend that taught me to always love family and friends, always take and interest in people and to stay loyal to the state of Denmark. These were his values and it was those that he died defending. This, among his many other virtues,...
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