Hamlet Ghost Appearances

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Structured Notebook # 2
2. Analyze the three appearances of the ghost seen in the play. Where did he appear: To whom did he appear? How does the third appearance differ from the first two? What was the significance in this?

The appearances of the ghost were both eerie and informing in the book “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare. The three appearances made by the ghost were to be seen and acknowledged, give hamlet his message of revenge, and to remind Hamlet of his duty.

First the ghost appeared to be seen and acknowledged. The guards have seen the ghost outside and invited Horatio to see it for himself. They told people it was the old king of Denmark’s ghost. Which was hamlet’s Father. Horatio is one of Hamlet’s friend and also skeptical about there actually being a ghost. But not long after he joined the guards that night he saw the ghost appear. Marcellus, one of the guards, said, “Thou art a scholar; speak to it, Horatio.” Horatio tried to make it speak but it quickly left. Horatio rushed to go tell Hamlet.

Secondly, the ghost appeared to give his message to Hamlet. When Hamlet first saw his father ghost in the courtyard, the ghost wanted him to follow him. The guards warned him the ghost might lead him to his death. But Hamlet was quick to respond that he had no longer wished living for his mother had married his uncle in a matter of weeks after his father’s death. He already felt devastated and betrayed. When the ghost finally spoke to Hamlet, it told him that he was killed out by his garden by his brother Claudius. Who was now king. He tells hamlet to avenge him by killing Claudius but sparing his mother Gertrude and leaving her for God’s judgment. Hamlet vows revenge for his father and sets off on his plan.

Thirdly, after the play that was supposed to imitate the killing of his father by Claudius, Hamlet was seeking his mother because she had wanted to talk to him. It was actually a plan made by Claudius and Polonius for him to give his mother...
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