Hamlet Film Interpretation

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Hamlet Film Evaluation
Look at me, woman!

Hamlet's reoccurring theme of male superiority is displayed clearly in Act 3 scene 4, the closet scene. In Kenneth Branaugh's version of Hamlet, the positioning of Gertrude verse Hamlet, eye contact, and tone gave the audience a clear sense that Hamlet was in control of the scene. It was ironic how the scene played out. Typically Gertrude, who is his mother, the queen, and a respectable women, would naturally have superiority over Hamlet. The way the scene was portrayed gave us a totally different view.

At the time of the closet scene Hamlet is a hot topic. He is being questioned by everyone, as people throughout the palace try to pin the point of Hamlet's madness. Polonius and Claudius set up this time to specifically place Hamlet in an environment that it secure, his mother's room. Polonius and Claudius plan to have Gertrude set the scene and question Hamlet, hoping to get to the bottom of his insanity. As Hamlet approaches his mother and conversation begins, she is weakened by his words automatically.

Positioning of characters in any film will give the viewer a certain perception. Whether the characters are close together, at an awkward distance apart, or, as in this scene, one above the other. Hamlet approached Gertrude's room as she sat on the the bed. When Hamlet walked in it seemed as if he knew what she was going to ask. “ Gertrude: Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended./ Hamlet: Mother, you have my father much offended./ Gertrude: Come come you answer me with an idle tongue./ Hamlet: Go, go you question with a wicked tongue” (III.IV.10-14). Gertrude was ready to set him in his place and scold him for the ruckus he had caused in the palace. Immediately, Hamlet threw the same statements back to his mother, insulting her. When I read and analyzed this scene I felt as if Hamlet had verbally pushed his mother down. He was not physically over her but verbally, she was set back by how he had immediately...
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