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  • Published : July 23, 2012
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Write a review of Hamlet based on a viewing, whereby you ponder the question of the text's enduring relevance. A news feature based on the play where having seen the play, you analyse why the play remains relevant to modern audiences. In itself becomes a text of textual integrity. How do people value it? Discuss some aspects that you would argue to allow the text to view it as something engaging and valuable. Hamlet Through Time Hamlet. Not just your typical revenge tragedy, but something deeper, and more than able to rival the likes of 'Desperate Housewives', despite it's age. What the audience gets with the play, Hamlet, is a storyline that is complex and intricate, a plot that is interwoven with tales of love, betrayal, murder and action, or in Hamlet's case, inaction. Regardless of the play's familiarity, Hamlet continues to be a text with an interminable amount of relevance to today's society, largely due to it's examination of the human experience. However, there is another thing that manages to keep the audience in their seats, and that is the romance between the main character, Hamlet, and the fragile, Ophelia. The story of Hamlet takes place in Denmark, which is in a state of unrest following the suspicious death of old King Hamlet, and his brother, Claudius' rise to the throne, largely due to the help of Polonius, his advisor. It starts with the appearance of the ghost of old King Hamlet on the battlements of his castle. His son, young Hamlet, who comes home to find his mother recently married to the new king, Claudius, is told of this spectral phenomenon. Hamlet then encounters the ghost too, and it confirms his partial suspicion that his uncle Claudius had a hand in the old king's death. Hamlet then goes about seeking revenge, and despite having the opportunity to kill his uncle while he is praying, he refrains, reasoning that Claudius should suffer the same fate that was dealt his father, an afterlife of wandering the earth and purgatory. Throughout...
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