Hamlet Eulogy

Topics: Hamlet, Prince, Nobility Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: April 6, 2011
My fellow thanes, although I am not one of you, I address you as one who is united with you. I come to you in a time of sorrow, our noble prince is gone. We are gathered here today not only to mourn the loss of the noble Prince of Denmark, loyal son of King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude of Denmark and a true friend to his people, but we are also here to remember the good memories that we have shared with our dear friend. Hamlet passed away at such a young age, a mere 30 years. Although Hamlet lived a very fortunate life, he suffered many trials and tribulations in his short life. Hamlet was a man who enjoyed the little things like his life outside of the royal house, mingling with fellow scholars-to-be and friends. Hamlet was a noble man and was the kind of person who would fight for what he knew to be true.

Hamlet touched the lives of so many, not because of his royalty but because he had an interest in the lives and well-being of others. He did not care if you were a noble or common folk, he treated everyone equally; with respect and with fairness. He would lend a shoulder if you needed one and it is this trait that made him a prince of the people. Hamlet touched my life... I remember the days when we studied together and I have got to say we spent a lot of time fervently studying for assessments and what not before an exam, but he was always there to help me. There were times when we would settle things with a sword fight. The winner would choose what we do next. I reminisce the days we argued about the little things, how we would use swords to settle an argument as we disagreed about the others chosen activities. I won’t say who won the most, but I will say that I shed a great number of tears. Defeating Hamlet was something to be proud of; he was a really tough opponent and could have possibly been the best swordsman I have ever known.

Hamlet loved his family. Hamlet’s loyalty for the people he loved was never clearer than the love and duty he showed for...
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