Hamlet Essay

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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|Understanding Hamlet | | | |Priyanka Thacker | | | |3/30/2012 | | | |St. John's University |

This source argues along with the point that Hamlet, as a whole, has been taken as a misunderstanding of interpretation. The main misinterpretation pointed out is the murderer of King Hamlet. Kemp, the author, firmly believes that Claudius is not the murderer of King Hamlet. The “witness” to the murder, the Ghost of the King, is not a reliable source, he says. The crime was committed while the King was fast asleep, making him merely an “oblivious victim.” Because Prince Hamlet is distressed over his mother’s marriage to Claudius, he is heated enough to believe almost anything about them. The Ghost’s version of the story and his accusation is so strong that Prince Hamlet believes him instantly. The King actually accuses his brother because he is even more deeply hurt by his wife’s betrayal. His pride is wounded and his anger is so great that he reasonably assumes his own brother killed him. Kemp explains that during the play-within-a-play, Claudius storms out due to fear, not guilt, after hearing Hamlet say that is it the nephew that kills the player-king. To Claudius, this is an open threat. Kemp describes Claudius’s prayer scene as the only scene in the whole play that actually validates the Ghost’s accusation with a confession. Being it...
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