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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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Sammi Taraborrelli
Mr. Voisey
April 6, 2012
Hamlet: Not A Role Model
"The goal of procrastination is escape the immediate necessity of demand, obligation, or work" (Pickhardt). Hamlet's goal is to avoid killing Claudius, and he fabricates many schemes that delay this murder, and provides himself with many reasons not to kill him. Hamlet is very similar to modern teenagers because both have a tendency to procrastinate, and both feel the negative effects of their actions. In today's society, teenagers are masters of the art of procrastination. Teenagers procrastinate in many areas of their lives; the most common areas are school and work. Procrastination puts pressure on what once was a normal demand, and makes this demand take much longer to be finished. As Hamlet continues to delay killing Claudius, the pressure on him to kill his uncle increases. Likewise, modern teenagers put themselves in many difficult situations because of procrastination. Last minute studying, hurrying to finish tasks at work or putting off telling someone bad news are all common examples of the types of scenarios teenagers are often in because of procrastination. Teenagers often feel stressed or pressured in their lives because of all the things that need to get done. Similarly, the pressure on Hamlet to kill his uncle causes him a great deal of stress. It can be argued that this stress causes Hamlet to go mad. Hamlet, like teenagers in today's society, feel the pressure that procrastination puts on people. Moreover, the reason why teenagers procrastinate is the same reason why Hamlet continues to procrastinate throughout the play. At first, teenagers procrastinate to avoid something that needs to be done , such as homework. Then, once they see that they can get away with it, they continue to procrastinate to no end. In the same way, Hamlet first procrastinates so that he does not have to kill his uncle. Once he sees that he will have many chances to kill him, he chooses to...
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