Hamlet English Literature

Topics: Gertrude, Characters in Hamlet, Kill Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Gertrude & Hamlet
Gertrude is Over Protective
Gertrude worries about Hamlet being crazy
Gertrude becomes Scared
Gertrude becomes Over Protective Again
Gertrude & Ophelia
Gertrude feels guilty
Gertrude feels sorrow
Gertrude wants to help
Gertrude feels guilty again
Gertrude & Laertes
Gertrude feels Guilty
Gertrude keeps a distance
Gertrude wants to console
Gertrude is over protective after Hamlet loses his father and she demonstrates it by telling the King to make him stay at the Kingdom and not sending him back to school Gertrude worries about Hamlet when he starts to act crazy. She tries to have his friends talk to him but that doesn’t work. When Ophelia admits that it might be her making him crazy Gertrude is the only one who is worried about Hamlet’s true feelings. Gertrude feels scared of Hamlet because he goes on a wild rant and accidentally kills Polonius. Than he talks to the ghost of his father which she cannot see. Once Hamlet leaves for England she tries to protect him by not wanting anyone to know what he did. She doesn’t want him to get in trouble for his actions because she feels he cannot help it. Gertrude feels guilt towards Ophelia because Gertrude knows what Hamlet did and knows that if Ophelia knew the love of her life did this she would be crushed even more. She also knows the pain she is going through and knows she can’t fix it Gertrude feels more guilt and sorrow for Ophelia once she dies. Even though the text doesn’t say it the reader can infer that Ophelia killed herself because of the pain that Gertrude’s son had cost and that doesn’t seem to sit right with Gertrude. Gertrude feels guilty because Laertes had to come home and deal with the pain of his father’s death. She doesn’t seem to know how to act around him. Once Gertrude gives Laertes the information about Ophelia’s death Gertrude tends to keep her space which in turn could be good and bad. It’s bad because she ends up not finding out about...
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