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Hamlet Questions
Act I, Sc i: Midnight on the Ramparts
1) At the beginning of the play, the atmosphere is dark, cold and foggy, which helps establish a strange, full of fear and mystical setting. 2) Francesco says: “For this relief much thanks, ‘tis bitter cold and now I am sick at heart” (Act 1 Sc i L.7-8) Horatio says: “What, has the thing appeare’d again to-night?”(Act 1 Sc i L.21) 3) From this scene, we learn about the background information such as how Hamlet Sr. was killed before the beginning of the play. During this scene we learn that Hamlet senior was put to an unpleasant death. This is the reason why Hamlet senior’s ghost wander Denmark. 4) Horatio character is demonstrated as calm, cool and collective. He is also one of Hamlet Sr. loyal friends. Act I Sc ii: Introduction to the court

1a) In the opening speech, Claudius address’s Hamlet Seniors death and the fact that everybody will miss him. Claudius claims he never meant to marry Gertrude it just happened. Claudius has also written a letter to the king of Norway to inform him about Fortinbras’ army attacking Denmark. b) Laertes and Hamlet both request Claudius to leave Elsinore and return back to school and Claudius addresses to them by saying “take thy for hour” (Act 1, Sc i, L.62). Claudius is says this because of the conditions in Denmark, after the death of the King, it would be better for the two to stay. 2) In this scene, Hamlet isolates himself because he doesn’t want to make interactions with others. He wishes to be alone because he is very sad over the fact his mother has married his uncle only a few days after his father’s death. 3a) In Hamlets Speech, he talks about his mother in a very angry tone. Hamlet says that it’s not okay for this mother to marry her husband’s brother. He also says Claudius should stop putting a up a good act in front of people. b) The speech builds a weakness because hamlet is broken inside he is very angry with what his mother has done. He thinks whatever she has done, she has done too fast. c) It is ironic because she doesn’t want to have thoughts about her dead husband Hamlet Sr. so she will shortly tell Hamlet to remove his mourning clothes. 5) Hamlet was shocked and did not believe what Horatio was saying. He didn’t want to believe them even one bit but then he still wanted to see this with his own two eyes if there was any truth to this. Hamlet tells them that he will come to the next night duty so he could see the ghost himself. Act I sc iii: Advice and Manipulation

1) Laertes advises Ophelia to be the guard of Hamlet’s intentions simply because he is her father and it’s his job to protect his daughter from any sort of danger or something he feels can harm her. He tells her not to fall in love because Hamlet his from a rich family he can’t do as he wishes, he has no say in who to marry and Hamlet is not an honest lover. 2) Polonius advices Laertes to behave with integrity and practicality. He also tells him to keep his thoughts to himself and not to act on his needs, and to treat the people around him with respect and not rudeness. He also tells him to keep in touch with his old friends and be careful when making new ones. He gives him advice on how to behave and reminds him of his manners. 3) Polonius’ remark, “the apparel oft proclaims the man”, is ironic in view to what Hamlet had said the Act 1 Sc ii. In the previous scene while talking to the Queen he says that a person may show no signs of grief on the outside but by dying of sadness on the inside and vice-versa. Polonius also states that what a man wears can tell a lot about him someone wearing expensive jewelry is looked by people as a rich man. 4) Polonius advises Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet and not associate with him. He advises her that Hamlet has deceived her in his promises of love and that she should be able to see threw his false words. 5) When Polonius says, “Do not believe his vows…to beguile.” What this means is don’t believe in...
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