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Fit the Scripts
Over many years after the play “Hamlet” was written by Shakespeare, people have directed the play in many different ways depending on the time period and directors. After reading “Hamlet,” I watched two movies of the same script but are directed by different people. At first I thought the older the movie, the more the movie would fit the play, as in being more traditional into following everything in the book compared to how movies today are altered in a more modern sense. I watched Hamlet 1990, directed by Kevin Kline, there are so many lines dropped and added in to the play that I could not really make sense of how Claudius is really feeling. Claudius seems very arrogant because of the way he is responding to a threat that is given from Young Fortinbras. I also watched Hamlet 2009, directed by Gregory Doran, where it shows a lot more facial expression and emotions that suits the characters that are played in this movie. Hamlet shows a lot of pain and anger as he speaks towards Claudius or to anyone of the matter. In I, II, Doran’s version shows a lot more emotions that is expressed through each character and also the Hamlet in this movie shows that he really has a hatred towards Claudius whereas in the other film directed by Kline, Hamlet hides his feelings from Claudius. The setting, acting, and script of the film directed by Doran are more suitable for the play than the film that was directed by Kline because of the way the directors had the characters present themselves. The setting in this play shows how much power and wealth Claudius has. When you think about being kings and queens, you would imagine a castle or big giant rooms with high ceilings. In Doran’s version of “Hamlet”, Claudius is about to make an announcement about his marriage to Gertrude in a very elegant room. The room where they are all standing in is huge which is like six times our classroom width and four times our classroom height. The room is decorated with...
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