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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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The darkness of the humans shows up without civilization.
<Lord of the Flies> by William Golding <Animal Farm>by George Orwell Name: Cani. You By the end of the second war world, the world had already become a fragile state. In the literary arena, William Golding and George Orwell are the famous writers who still remain with a clear hand, and have the sense of responsibility to the society. They create their magnum opuses “Lord of the Flies” and “Animal Farm”. Compare Lord of the Flies to Animal Farm. The two novels are both allegorical. Lord of the Flies expresses the fragility of the human civilization by a group of boys. Animal Farm is about centralism. The two novels are unassociated but they both come together in a certain way to show the meaningful theme: The darkness of humans shows up without civilization.

The civilized animals in the Animal Farm. Napoleon and Snowball lead the animals to rebel and expel the owner Mr. Jones from his farm. The animals create the regulation “Seven Commandments”. Everyone has to abide by its rules. Getting started the great life, Napoleon uses the dirty trick to expel his rival Snowball and enforces hid centralism onto the farm. Napoleon secretly changes the rules of “Seven Commandments” so that he can excuse his own behaviors which are against the rules. The animals are given less food and are made work harder than in Mr. Jones period. Napoleon becomes the only and absolute leader; he disregards the rules, learns the human behaviors and begins to trade with the humans. Finally one day, Napoleon plays cards with Mr. Pilkington, the other farm owner. The animals stand by the window; they cannot identify which is the pig and which is the person any more. “Animal Farm” describes the common humanity: Humans want freedom, then we seize power, we possess power, then we abuse power. Although Animal Farm is about animals, the writer actually talks about humans. The novel shows the humanity after the animals...
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