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William Shakespeare is a poet and a story writer. Many consider him one of the greatest authors of the English language. One literature piece written by Shakespeare is Hamlet. This play is based on the main character, Hamlet, who is trying to kill his step father King Claudius for a number of reasons. Hamlets character and personality is very complex. Hamlets character suffers from the "Oedipus Complex" based on Jones essay and two examples from the play.

The "Oedipus Complex" is a theory explained in Jones essay and this theories relationship with Hamlet. This theory originated from Sigmund Freud, a psychologist who is a professional in the field. Based on Jones essay, the Oedipus Complex has to do with the relationship between a son and his mother. Jones essay explains how a son wants to have a husband like relationship with his mother based on the Oedipus Complex. In the case of Hamlet, this theory would involve Hamlet and his mother Gertrude. Jones essay also explains how the son shows hatred and jealously towards the father. In relation to Hamlet, this would involve Hamlet, King Hamlet his real father, and King Claudius his step father. Jones essay discusses how Hamlet's sub-conscience played a role in him developing the Oedipus Complex. As said in Jones essay, Hamlet was often concerned and constantly thinking about his mothers actions and where about. Even when King Hamlet told Hamlet to leave Gertrude alone and complete his task of killing King Claudius, Hamlet did quite the opposite. It can be concluded from Jones essay that Hamlet wanted to be with his mother more than he wanted to kill King Claudius.

One example from the play is when Hamlet says the following, "Must I remember why she would hang on him as if increase appetite had grown?" (Act 2 Scene 3). Hamlet is talking about how he doesn't want to reminisce about King Hamlet and his mother Gertrude being together....
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