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By | Jan. 2007
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William Shakespeare: Hamlet


shakespeare is written in Old Englidsh
Most of shakespeares peices of writing are fictional if not, then they are based on an old story shakespeare had adapted, but with many twists and changes shakespeares works of art are all written in the form of a play as opposed to a novel or short story in the past the way i have been taught shakespeare was by reading the play as a class, and acting out the play mostly during important scenes I myself have not yet reached the point of full understanding most or all of shakespeares old english, but can grasp the idea on what is taking place in ever scene (the story line) In my opinion i think an on going journal would be an ideal way of teaching and understanding shakepseare, in the past i have not taken the approach to make an on going journal for any other of shakespeares plays In the past the advantage of acting out shakespeares plays is you can in ways see the characters reactions and mood in each scene based on my previous encounters with shakespeares plays such as Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, and Julius Ceaser, I feel in Hamlet I will be able to grap the main ideas and story line which will take place

Act One:

This act introduced some of the main characters in the play. It has introduced me to the problem gained and some details and hints of the future play and many different things to expect. The problem gained in thie scene is the ghost which everyone becomes so unsure of its purpose. My predictions would be in act 2, the ghost will reveal himself and its purpose to haunt them. Another problem which arises during this act is the possible war between Denmark and Norway (Hamlet and Fortinbras) over the killing of old fortinbras by the most recent king of Denmark, Hamlet (Old Hamlet). In this event I predict the future of the play will reveil a more depth into the conflict between these two nations and a win or lose situation between them. So far into...

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