Hamlet's 5th Solioquey

Topics: Emotion, The Reader, Feeling Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: December 2, 2012
This soliloquy is packed full of deep meanings and carefully executed literary elements that make it a very powerful passage which helps the readers get into Hamlet’s head for the first time to see what his true thoughts are. The mood of this passage is a very serious and personal one since it is Hamlet’s first soliloquy of the play. He speaks to himself seemingly to justify his feelings and to allow the readers to understand what it is running through his head. A lot of strong specific imagery is used in order to create a serious and convincing mood on par with that of which Hamlet is feeling. 

Shakespeare uses language that is dark, “rank”, and “gross” which help create the sombre mood that Hamlet is in. He also uses similes, and metaphors to make it obviously clear the point he is trying to get across. Shakespeare seems to use these techniques to make the difference between the two objects as blatant as possible, as shown by the Hyperion/satyr comparison. Allusions are also used heavily throughout in order to give his ideas more backing and support, especially referring to past mythology with Hyperion, Hercules, and the satyrs. 

The overall mood/tone of this soliloquy is a very personal and emotional one since it is really the first time that Hamlet has revealed his inner thoughts so openly. It accomplishes its objective of revealing the deep thoughts of Hamlet and his inner struggle with amazing proficiency, and helps the reader to understand the basis for his actions throughout the rest of the play.
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