Hamilton vs. Jefferson

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  • Published : May 14, 2008
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Hamilton vs. Jefferson

The conflict between the Antifedralists and the Federalists had a tremendous impact on our country. The Federalists, led by Hamilton, represented the urban mercantile interests of the seaports. The Antifedralists, led by Jefferson, spoke for the rural and southern interests. The central government and its power was mainly what separated the two parties. The federalists favored how things had been formerly, while the Antifederalists advocating states rights. I see the Antifederalists’ approach being best for America’s problems and being able to more clearly see the future of America. Jefferson was an advocate for agriculture. He saw America’s future more in farming and staying similar to how things were in the present. However, he had a very dramatic impact with the United States with the Louisiana Purchase. Purchasing the land from Napoleon expanded the land tremendously. Unfortunately, it brought about immense conflict with Indian tribes. Although Jefferson had a large impact in his presidency, Hamilton had a better idea for the future, as he foresaw the need for a growing commercial and industrial society. Hamilton advocated for strong central government acting on the interests of commerce and industry. From the ideas of the two men for America’s future compared with how things are today, it is obvious that most of Hamilton’s ideas did come true and were a much better approach to America and its problems. Just like Hamilton invasions, the economic system is mixed, with agriculture working alongside industry. “Hamilton’s Reports on Manufactures in 1791 called for a diverse economy based on agriculture, commerce, and manufacturing”(Brinkley, 100). He realized the importance of encouraging domestic industry and new it was key to strengthening and maintaining true independence. Also, manufacturing and trade produce a very prosperous economy, which Hamilton also envisioned. This system has made the US one of the world’s leading economic...
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