Ham Fam

Topics: Nutrition, Human, Veganism Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Maria Grivetti
Intro to Literature 2

Vegetarianism- To be or not to be?
We all love our meats in America, but many people have wondered- what exactly is inside the meat, and how we get it? It’s a totally different world when you look into it in depth. Many think though, that if we cut meat out of our diets then we will lack vital nutrients our body needs. This is certainly not true. We are actually putting more junk and unhealthy bacteria in our bodies when we CONSUME meat. The factories are sometimes very unsanitary and have dangerous bacteria’s lurking in the meats the factories produce and give to the buyers. Plus, where the food comes from is anything but healthy. It’s not very clean, and not right for the animals. Millions of animals are stolen from their parents and forced to live in harsh conditions until they are slaughtered with no choice. Animals have a brain and nerves too- they feel it when they are cut, just like a human would. In a vegetarians point of view, being a vegetarian is much more healthy than stuffing one’s face with factory made foods. It’s organic, straight from the earth, so nothing can harm the human body. Unlike in crowded factories where it is subjected to dusty, murky environments. Often, there are chemicals used in foods that may do more harm than good for one’s body. When a person consumes fruits vegetables and grains, nutrients that are essential to life enter the body. It will keep one in check, and on a steady diet filled with vitamin rich foods. If you are vegetarian, it is proven that a person can live longer due to all the healthy earth-grown foods the person consumes. Unlike when a human eats meats and cheeses, which are mainly, fats. These fats can contain unhealthy acids too, so instead of consuming a protein filled burger, half of it is just fats and grease. Whenever a hamburger is eaten, one more baby calf is stolen from her mother. This, would be seen as wrong if it were any other animal,...
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