Topics: Chlorine, Bromine, Halogen Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Reactions of Halogens
By Safiyah Zaman 9JK

Aim: To investigate which halogen solutions react with universal indicator paper.

Theory: Chlorine solution changes the colour of the whole piece of universal indicator and Bromine changes just the colour of where it was put on the paper and Iodine just changes the colour of the paper a bit. As you can see the Halogens get less reactive going down the group starting with Chlorine and ending with Iodine. Chlorine which is a more reactive halogen will displace a less reactive halogen in solution. For example if there was potassium iodide and Chlorine in a solution then because Chlorine is more reactive than iodine it will push it away and form a new solution which will be potassium chloride and iodine.

Prediction: I think that all of the halogens will react with the universal indicator paper but I think Chlorine will react the most.

Variables: Independent- The halogen solution
Dependent- The reaction
Control- The universal Indicator paper

Apparatus: White tile
Universal Indicator Paper
Test Tube
Test tube with halogen solution
Universal Indicator Paper
Glass Stirring rod
Solution of Halogen
Glass stirring rod

Safety: Wear eye protection

1) Put a piece of Universal Indicator Paper onto a white tile. 2) Use a glass stirring rid to transfer a few drops of the first solution onto the indicator paper. 3) Repeat this with a fresh piece of paper and the different solutions. 4) In a test-tube, add some chlorine solution to a solution of potassium bromide. 5) Add some chlorine solution to a solution of potassium iodide. 6) Now mix the solutions of Bromine and Potassium Iodide. After you have done that and recorded your data on the table, mix the other combinations as well.

| Effect on Indicator paper| Reaction with potassium chloride solution| Reaction with...
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