Hallyu Wave Phenominon

Topics: Culture, Globalization, Western culture Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Korean society has already done a lot to promote the Hallyu Wave and Korean Culture in general. The music and shows already have influence from their Western competitors, so culturally, while Korea is different from western countries there are still factors that translate well to a global audience that is already taken with a similar Hollywood entertainment.

One large thing that would definitely push Korean Media into more of a global spotlight would be a more international language, such as English. While movie enthusiasts and music purists may be fine with subtitles, a vast majority of the population doesn’t even consider such a thing when selecting a movie for the evening. But, loosing the language is taking away a lot at the same time. Less of a pool of actors, as now they need to have English capabilities good enough to hold up to an international audience and there is always the problem of ideas and main points that make a Korean movie specifically ‘Korean’ being literally lost in translation.

Promotion is a huge factor. Get a Korean actor with good English into a Hollywood film, get a Korean movie into international box offices-- unfortunately, whatever the route, the Korean Wave is at a point where its going to take a bit more funding and a bit of faith. The Korean Wave already has talent in all aspects of itself. Writers, singers, actors, models, producers, directors, etc., are all very much up to par with the rest of the world, but unfortunately the language and cultural barrier are still a large problem. For Korean pop-culture to become more internationally renowned then it already has, its going to need to find a way to break into a market that still largely views films coming out of Asia in general different or inferior.

To get past this blockade is going to take a lot. Even things that have actually broken out of Korea are still being looked at as a single joke that’s trending (Such as in the case of Psy’s Gangnam Style. Sure, its everywhere,...
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