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People going trick-or-treating for candies while dressed in a costume to celebrate Halloween on October 31 every year. Growing up, people think Halloween is a holiday that is only about dressing up and going out at night door-to-door asking for candies. In fact, there’s a bigger story behind the holiday. There is a history that is behind the holiday. There’s a more in depth meaning behind trick-or-treating, dressing up, and Jack o’ Latern.

Halloween is a holiday with ancient roots that have a greater meaning than just a holiday filled with candies and dressing up. Around 2,000 years ago, the Celts, who lived in what is now the United Kingdom, Ireland, and northern France, had a festival commemorating the end of the year. Their New Year was November 1, and this festival was called Samhain. Their new year signaled the end of summer and harvest season, but beginning a long winter that caused deaths of animals and people. They believed the night before the New Year, that the wall between the living and the dead was open, allowing spirits of the dead, both good and bad, to mingle among the living. Some of these spirits were thought to possess living people, cause trouble, ruin crops, or to search for passage to the afterlife.

There were many stories about the Celts.  Some say the spirits that were release were those that had died in that year, and food and drinks that were offered were left to aid the spirits, or to send them away. Other versions say the Celts dressed up in strange costumes and walk around the neighborhoods making noise to scare the spirits away. Some Celts wore costumes of animal skulls and skins during Samhain. Faeries were believed to roam the land during Samhain, dressed as beggars asking for food door to door. Those that gave food to the faeries were rewarded, while those that did not were punished by the faeries. This is reported to be the first origin of the modern "trick or treat". Whenever kids go door-to-door asking for...
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