Halliburton Management Planning

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  • Published : December 12, 2010
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Halliburton Management Planning
September 27th, 2010
MGT 330

Halliburton Management Planning
Halliburton is a leader in manufacturing oil services. They are a global company that provides various equipment, oilfield tools, and services to the oil and gas industry. Halliburton was founded in Duncan, Oklahoma, in 1919 and they operate today out of Houston, Texas and Delaware (About, 2010). The company has grown exponentially within the last few years, having opened a second headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2007 (Davidson, 2007). According to Davison (2007), Halliburton operates in Dubai in accordance with the laws and government regulations set forth by the Unites States. Planning is a crucial management function at Halliburton. They operate in more than 70 countries and have more than 50,000 employees (About, 2010). Management at Halliburton must be efficient in establishing and implementing procedural guidelines. In 1997, Halliburton began an internal program, Performance Improvement Initiative (PII) (Halliburton, 2006). PII is an internal annual review that was created to address health, safety, environmental, and service quality concerns. PII includes a review of “past performance, an assessment of currently available tools, and the development of objectives and strategies for continuous global improvement” (Halliburton, 2006). The company is continually under media scrutiny for suspected corrupt activities. Therefore, Halliburton is forced to recognize the influence of legal, ethical, and social responsibilities during their annual strategic planning sessions. In 2009, Kellogg, Brown, and Root, LLC (KBR), a subsidiary of Halliburton, plead guilty to bribery charges for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Halliburton was charged with “promising and paying tens of millions of dollars in bribes to officials in Nigeria in exchange for business contracts between 1995 and 2004” (AP, 2009). In 2005, a probe was conducted by...
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