Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Wealth Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Still I Rise, page 16

She’s black

She is the descendant of slaves, a writer proud of her inheritance. Slaves came from Africa… she’s proud of her ancestors

She is very defiant, because she is proud of whom she is

Read line 3-4, simile; comparing herself with dirt

Sassiness- cheekiness

She says that they the problem and not me

She’s not wealthy, but she walks with her head held high

Line 6-7; simile

Moons and suns are symbols of certainty; her hope will rise like the sun and moon

Haughtiness- thinking that you are superior to everyone else

Idea of her carrying herself is she has everything in the world. Although she doesn’t have great wealth, she is happy. She has a good attitude about life. She doesn’t care of what people have to say to her.

She doesn’t imply that there will be physical harm, but that words can be offensive

Repetition of her rising above others with confidence

She feels that most of the people against her are the white males. She feels that they are attracted to her, but the only thing stopping her is that she is black

She’s not ashamed of where she comes from

She sees shame lying in the people who are, were and will be racist…. Especially the slave owners

The huts that they lived in is a sign of poverty

She has risen up from a path that was rooted in pain- her ancestors and the slave-trade

The ocean symbolizes the origin of all life… she is an ocean of a new life, because she has gotten over the past, and wants to start off fresh
Wondrously clear- future is clear, and she wants people to get on with their lives as being equals

The Dream is similar to martin Luther kings words
The poem is normal until the last stanza

In that last stanza she says what she is going to do in the future and she uses a lot of repetition
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