Halina Mountain Resort

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Superb and highly class restaurant today makes dining an appetite on a cost which gives customer a satisfying environment of its stylish and elegant place, a well prepared menu of its kind and the ambience of eating like a royalty. Today eating in a fine dining restaurant meant only for special occasions unlike fast foods where anytime you can just dine. As the food industry grows and more fast foods are opening everywhere and fine dining are left behind because of poor public marketing. As more fine dining restaurant this days takes the strategy of promotional material as there key way of improving their marketing of their business.Fine dining restaurants generally have the following services and requirements: Dress Code: In most cases a fine dining restaurant will not permit jeans, t-shirt, hats and may even require a suit jacket and tie. Service: The service at a fine dining restaurant will generally be top notch. Expect each table to have no less than two servers directly responsible for it. Menu: The menu at fine dining restaurants tends to be extremely classy with high quality ingredients and prepared by a well-known and talented chef with years of industry experience. Food: Top quality produce treated delicately with respect. Small portions paid with extreme details. Combining food and art concept together. Making food taste good and look good.

Background of the Study

Statement of the Problem
Generally, this study aims to determine an assessment on the effectiveness of promotional material on selected fine dining. Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following:
1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of: 2.1 Age
2.2 Gender
2.3 Civil Status
2.4 Occupation
2. Whereto be considered in placing its promotional material. 3. What is the effect of the cost of promotional material in addition to operational cost. 4. What is the level of awareness of the customers in a fine dining restaurant regarding its promotional material: 5.5 Design

5.6 Uniqueness
5.7 The message that it gives
5.8 Maintenance
5.9 Customer service

There is a significant difference on the level of awareness of the customers on promotional material indifferent finedining restaurant regarding there promotion. * To know the profile of the respondents, the goals, family income, and the location of the restaurants. * To increase consumer awareness of our restaurant.

* To improve consumer perceptions of our restaurant.
* To intice first-time buyers to try our restaurant.
* To gain a higher percentage of repeat customers
* To create brand loyalty (regular customers).
* To increase the average check.
* To increase sales at a particular meal or time of day.
* To introduce new menu items.

Conceptual Framework
The perception and idea of the researchers regarding the topic is to assess the effectiveness of the promotional material of the selected fine dining is offered by (TO WHOM). The study will utilize the input, process and output as its conceptual framework as shown on figure 1. The input discusses the respondents profile as to the age, gender, civil status, occupation and products commonly orderon the selected fine dining restaurant which deem necessary to describe the participants of the study. The process will include survey, distribution of questionnaire, tallying and statistical treatment. The study aim to have an output on the assessment of the effectiveness of the promotional material.

Research Paradigm

Figure 1 Paradigm of the Study

* Affordability (Product Cost)
* Marketability
* Uniqueness
* Customer satisfaction

* Survey questionnaire
* Interview
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