Halimbawa Ng Mga Research Paper Sa Filipino

Topics: High school, Family, Homemaker Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The Outside of My Inside Personality
    Every people in this world were born with their own fortune. Some blessed with good fortune but others hard to have it. I'm just a rainbow after the rain, one of the luckiest because I have given a chance to live in this world. I'm Jellie Ann Cedillo from Gabon, Abucay, Bataan. Turning 18 this February 6. I have one siblings, she is Janine Cedillo, she's older than me. My mother is Aida Cedillo and my father is Jose Cedillo. My father is currently working as a farmer while my mother is a plain housewife. We’ve encountered through trials and hardships. But I believed that these things are happened for a reason and a stepping stone for me to achieve my goals and plans in life.

    I remember my childhood life that I was played together with my sister. When I entered pre-school  I was only 5 years old at Tomas, Pinpin, Memorial, Elementary, School. I am First Honor in our class, so that I received a gold medal. At the age of 6 years old I've entered my grade school year at the same school. School year 2001-2007. For me, highschool life is the best, and considered as one of the treasurable stage of being young. I’ve been through a lot of friends and teachers. With my friends sometimes we encountered some stupid things, misunderstanding and of course happy moments. When I was fourth year. I started to fall with someone who treated me special, so that I think he's the one for me but months ago we kept our relationships because of my strict parents. We've been together for almost seven months but sad to say they knew our secrets so that I broke up with him and I felt sorry for him, but I believed that if were meant to be, we will cross our destiny, and find our path someday.

Vacation had finally hit the beat. No sign of stress and schoolwork’s. Households chores was one of my task that assigned with me to do. I’m spending a lot of times in our house ,reading books ,solving puzzles ,surfing internet...
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