Half of a Yellow Sun

Topics: Igbo people, Nigeria, Biafra Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Experience is what a good writer needs to develop a good piece of literature. Richard in the beginning of the Half of The Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie had very little self-confidence which I believe mirrors his book as well Richard came to Africa . Because at first he was thinking of making Igbo-Ukwu art a central part of his book. He wasn’t sure if it was a novel or not. I believe that as the novel unraveled Richard would grow with the story. Richard as a white British male in Nigeria had many insecurities, but ultimately he tried to write about the war and the many issues he would have to relive. It’s very clever of Adichie to include Richard and the development of his book to her novel because she can inform the reader about the Biafran war in an unusual and unique manner. Adichie on the other hand wrote this novel in 2006 while the Biafran war took place from 1967 to 1970. She was also born in 1977 in an entirely different generation from the one she writes about. It seems very difficult to try to capture such detailed scenes in the book without having the proper experience to go along with it (Hawley 18). On the other hand Richard lived the war and was front and center to all of the malnutrition and awful things that were happening to the Nigerian people. Adichie’s significance of Richards’s book I think is to make her novel an informative one. As Anyadike states “Yet he took time to make special efforts towards integrating himself into the Igbo culture by, for example, learning to speak the Igbo language and developing a genuinely admiration for the Ukwu art” (143). In the beginning of the story he was ignorant to the Igbo art and he would mention that he was surprised that those types of people are capable of such beautiful and marvelous pieces of art (Adichie 141). The title of the book is The war was silent when we died As Adichie explains “He write about the world that remained silent while the Biafra’s died. He argues that Britain...
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