Half.Com Customer Service

Topics: Sales, Customer service, Customer Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: November 1, 2012

Half.com Customer Service
Ramona Russell
Davenport University
Professor Rhonda Bunce

One of the customer – service agents for Half.com, Bill Ryan, is “one of 30 customer - service agents at Half.com, an online market-place owned by eBay Inc., the Internet auction company” (Milkovich, Newman, & Gerhart, 2011). Half.com lists all the products from sellers for the public, on their website and acts more like an intermediate between the buyers and the sellers. Half.com receives all inquires about the products sold on the website from customers, then the customer service agents contact the sellers with the questions and lastly, once the information is received, Half.com contacts the customer back to pass on the findings. Another main reason customers contact Half.com is to complain about the delay in shipping or damaged/low quality items received. Most of the communication is completed via the e-mail system, as Half.com does not post the phone number on the website. So, all agents are vital links conducting business at Half.com. Bill Ryan is enjoying his job. He likes it when customers write inquiring details about items sold on the website as he has to complete some research to find out the answers, or he emails the sellers passing on the customer’s questions. Once in a while he receives phone calls from customers that are very upset for various reasons, but all including an existing or a previous order that was placed. Mr. Ryan remains calm while emphases with customers and does his best to fix each problem he is confronted with. Day Dairy Information

On a typical day, Bill Ryan answers between 60 and 100 e-mails and half a dozen phone calls. The day diary provides sufficient information describing how Mr. Ryan spends his time at his desk in a normal day. It illustrates a clear overview of each activity and how he deals with various types of e-mails and phone calls. Some of the emails Mr. Ryan receives are easy questions, to...
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