Haleeb Milk Plan

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The report includes an overview and introduction to Haleeb, the dairy industry and various other competitors within the industry. The report includes a detailed SWOT analysis in which the various aspects of Haleeb are discussed. The main aim of the report is to find the reason behind the loss of limelight by Haleeb milk and also recommend solutions to the finds that we encounter within Haleeb that has made it into a dying brand. The information that was used was secondary and also primary in nature. For secondary data we used the internet and for primary data survey were conducted. The survey were of two types namely consumer and retailer survey. The surveys were analyzed as well to reach the findings and recommendations.

The packaged milk consumption in Pakistan is 1.1 million liters and that is 4% of all the milk produced in the country. The packaged milk industry is growing at a rate of 20% per annum. The strict legislation that restricts the Gawala-loose milk is further enhancing the growth in this sector. Brands like Milk Pak (owned by Nestle) and Haleeb Milk (from Haleeb Foods) for nearly two decades have directed the dairy market in the world’s fourth biggest milk producing country and has sustained in competition. Engro Foods, in contrast, had only recently been established by Engro—a traditional giant in Pakistan's chemical and fertilizer. (Brand channel) It is remarkable how Olper’s could distance itself from its parent company’s incredibly unappetizing, chemical-laden, and non-edible roots. By the ending of 2006, Olpers milk achieved sales of Rs.1 billion and in 2008, the brand has a market share of close to 22 percent—second only to Milk Pak (estimated at 40 percent). Others brands including good milk have also emerged since then. Haleeb which was once the major packaged milk producer has now the third biggest market share after Milkpak and Olpers. This report investigates the disappearance of Haleeb milk from the limelight in the recent years. We have launched a careful study on Haleeb milk and have summarized Haleeb’s problem as an complex brand recall vs. brand praise concern. In this report we have used SWOT and PEST to underlines Haleeb’s position in the market and the strengths and opportunities it can capitalize on and the weaknesses, threats that it has to counter. The report also sheds light on the competing milk brands and a comparison with Haleeb’s brand image is also made. We have further analysed how Haleeb has tried to be innovative with its products to face competitors and why it has still made little break-through. This report emphasizes that consumers are familiar with Haleeb to a large extent but there is little brand loyalty. But for Haleeb to retain and grow its customer base, as well as survive the fierce competition in the packaged milk industry, it has to work on two main things: •Develop an effective, far reaching Marketing strategy: Out of sight and out of mind is seen to be true for Haleeb. With scarce advertisements, Haleeb no longer is “The” milk brand that consumers go after. •Alter its image in order to settle in to the varying situation. HALEEB GOLDEN ERA 1986 - 2006:

We as writers of this report claim that Haleeb has gone out of the limelight. For us to say that it is important to show what Haleeb was and what it is now. Following is a concise discussion on the introduction and consequent success of Haleeb till 2006. Haleeb Milk became popular in 1986 when it introduced the blue colored tetra packs to compete with Milkpack’s triangular packaging which was already in the market since 1981. Haleeb Foods had the distinction of being the first company in Pakistan to use Tetra Pak’s novel packaging formats, Tetra Brick Aspetic (TBA) and Tetra Fino Aseptic (TFA) (Linked in). The two brands Haleeb and Milkpak dominated the markets without any...
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