Haleeb Market Share

Topics: Milk, Dairy product, Butter Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: July 2, 2012
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Case study on Haleeb food limited:
HFL is now one of the fastest growing packaged food companies in Pakistan with an annual turnover of Rs. 9.2 Billion (F2006). It is a private limited company. It started commercial production in July 1987. Due to consistently superior performance, it has achieved undisputed leadership in the liquid packaged milk category with a market share of over 52%. HFL has a very strong brand portfolio consisting of dairy as well as non-dairy products. Haleeb Foods has segmented its product portfolio in 3 leading brands including Haleeb, Candia and Tropico. Haleeb is the flagship brand of the company. Haleeb UHT Milk is available in 5 Sku’s of Tetrapak packaging. Due to its strong positioning of the thickest milk for best tea, it has the highest top of mind awareness and penetration in the dairy industry of Pakistan. In order to increase consumer and trade penetration of the brand, it is also available in Tetra Fino Packaging under the brand extension of Haleeb Dairy Queen. Haleeb has also progressively diversified from UHT Milk to other product categories as well. These product line extensions include Haleeb Butter, Haleeb Yogurt, Haleeb Cream, Haleeb Labban (Drinking Yogurt), Haleeb Asli Desi ghee (Butter Oil), Haleeb Funday Juice Drink, Haleeb Skimz (skimmed milk), Haleeb N'Rish Full Cream Milk Powder & Haleeb Good day Pure Juices. Haleeb Good day is the only range of 100% pure juices in the country with a variety of 6 pure juice flavors. HFL has one of the largest nation-wide distribution networks delivering high quality products, even in the remote areas of Pakistan. With a network of +1100 distrinbutors the company ensures that the product range is available in all the urban and semi urban areas of Pakistan. Furthermore, concerted efforts are being made to develop the rural market as well. HFL has an efficient and resourceful Export...
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