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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Case Study 11

The Poorly Informed Walrus

Liow Xiu Hao (Ian)
BSAB 317 Module 5: Communications

* Answer the review questions on page W-119 for Case Study 11, The Poorly Informed Walrus. * Additionally discuss the communication barriers, active listening challenges, and cross-cultural challenges in your organization. *  What action has your boss taken to minimize these communication challenges? * Are the actions effective?

What barriers to communication are evident in this fable?
The barriers to communication that are evident in this fable are Interpersonal barrier and selective listening. Interpersonal barrier happens when an individual do not listen to the speaker objectively due to reasons like lack of trust, bad reputation and prejudices. This is evident when smaller walruses are afraid of speaking to the Old Man. Besides having a bad temper, it only shows that the Old Man does not put faith and trust into his followers. To the Old man, the smaller walruses had already earned themselves a bad reputation due to their previous failed attempt at catching of herring and furthermore, the Old Man did shows prejudices that only his second in command can be trusted. Selective listening is when an individual only hear the things which is pleasant to his or her own ears. When the Basil told the Old Man that they several walruses had already left the herd and “a herd is only as good as the walruses in it.” Selective listening is evident in this scenario as the Old Man only chooses to focus on the positive portion of Basil’s reporting.

What communications “lessons” does this fable offer to those who are serious about careers in the new workplace? The communication “lessons” that this fable able to offer to those who are serious about careers in the new workplace is to be effective communicator, not to be bias and factual reporting. If an individual is an effective communicator, he or she will be able to communicate effectively with...
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