Haitian Heritage Month Essay

Topics: Education, Reconstruction era of the United States, Student Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: December 5, 2010
January 12th 2010 4:53PM, the phone rang….Hispaniola whom which I call Haiti was bawling. Her heart, Port-au-prince, was completely ruined, she bleed and bleed and heard the bones intensively crashing brutally against each other until they converted into ashes. Her green dress metamorphosed into a white costume, her veins and arteries were ripped… she had no shelter. Once she realized that her brain was damaged, a depression impulsively engulfed her body and left her with nothing more than a reprieving sound that whispers” Help”. For this cause, I played a concrete role in the reconstruction of Haiti by founding an school organization for aiding intentions, educating and helping the Haitians Students survivors in the US, and providing assistance to the country in the near future, using my careers.

The day after the incident, I immediately went to the school council and asked permission to constitute an aiding group that could help Haiti. We started to collect money all around the school during breakfast and lunch; we called the movement “Drop in the Bucket”. We raised 2,018.5 dollars on the first week which was significant; the movement grew gradually week after week until one day, I decided to expand it. I realized that a material could be recycled to provide the perfect shelter for Haiti like the vinyl tarps that are used for outdoor advertising. Some tarps measures more than 75 feet in length and can provide excellent shelters. We were able to ship a set of tarps in the mid February. With the Sacred Heart delivery, nearly 10,000 square feet of shelter have been provided utilizing the recycled material. We also created a “Food and Toiletries Drive” where students were able to drop non-refrigerated food and bathroom utilities materials in the Media Center at any time. Fundraisings were also included, for purchasing toys, educational books, sleeping bags, batteries and many other utilities. I figured that Haiti might not retrieve in one, two, three...
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