Haiti: 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake that Hit Port-au-Prince

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  • Published : March 17, 2011
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On January 12th 2010 an approximately 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, causing a multitude of problems to the nation and to the people. After an earthquake happens systematic actions and phenomena happen: profiteering, increase of criminal acts, diseases and epidemics. Haiti is a really poor country and the rate of illiteracy is very low compared to the one of other countries, so these problems become even more severe and contribute to create a situation of total chaos in the country. Of course Haiti could not fix these problems by itself, so the United Nations intervened and is trying, till now, to establish order in the country. Nowadays, Haiti is affected by a huge outbreak of cholera that is making many victims among the population. Even though the infectious disease was totally eradicated from the country, about 18,000 people are infected by cholera in Haiti and caused 1,110 deaths approximately. The causes of the spread of cholera in Haiti are: 1) water contamination; 2) poor hygienic and sanitation system; 3) very little infrastructure to prevent and cure the disease. The main cause that helped the cholera outbreak to begin was fresh water contamination. The reasons of water contamination in Haiti are due to the earthquake that happened in January of the same year, the populations living in Haiti and the extremely favorable climate conditions. The earthquake that stroke Haiti’s sewage system, allowing the water that was used in bathrooms to mix with water that was used to drink. As well, UNICEF reports say that before the earthquake happened people had a lot of problems with water, sanitation and hygiene. Statistics say that only four out of 10 Haitian children had access to sanitation and only one out of ten in the rural areas, which covers 40% of the territory of Haiti. 5, Only five children out of ten could drink potable water from their home and only one out of twenty-five in the rural areas. 7 Very few schools...
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