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The movie, Hairspray, is set back in the 1960s during the 20th century. It is a musical set in Baltimore, Maryland. The music is very lively and presents a happy mood. The music and dancing gets the audience interested in the musical and makes them feel a part of the experience. The musical is very uplifting and inspires you to follow your dreams.

The musical demand upon the performers was hard because they could not sing and perform together. The experience was new to me because I have always been accustomed to integration. The singing and dancing throughout the musical was entertaining and very fun to watch. It pulled you into the musical and made you feel a part of it. The piece, You Can’t Stop the Beat, was very intriguing and brought all the people together as one. The performance was a real eye opener and portrayed the way life use to be during the 1960s. Music and performing has come a long way since then.

The character/singer, Tracy Turnblad, was a real activist. She followed her dreams and did not let anyone stop her from pursuing them. What impressed me the most was that the music they sang brought the couples together and formed love. The music made a real bond between them and connected them spiritually and emotionally. The Corny Collins Dance Show on the movie inspired Tracy Turnblad to follow her dreams. The singing and dancing on the show inspired Tracy and other teenagers like her to follow their dreams of singing and performing.

The part that I disliked the most was the two characters, Tracy Turnblad and Links Linkin, falling in love in the musical. In reality their love would have never occurred. She may have been madly in love with the star on the TV show, Corny Collins Dance Show, but he would probably not feel the same about her. Almost every piece sung in the musical was inspiring in some way, whether it be rekindling a love, forming a love, or protesting for something you believe in.

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