Hairless Cats

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Hairless cats first shocked people with their extraordinary appearance, but managed to win a great number of cat lovers all over the world because of hairlessness, cheerful character and unpretentious care. The Donskoy is a very intelligent breed and can be taught tricks and understand certain commands. Feeding them is not of difficulty either. These fantastic cats know how to please their owners. They sometimes resemble dogs, monkeys, and children in their behavior. They quickly know their name and come immediately when called. These cats will meet you near the door when you come home from work. They like sleeping in the owner's bed, stealing delicatessen from the table and can actually grab with their monkey-like fingers, and sunbathing on the balcony. Don Sphynx treats all members of the family well, even children!

Don Sphynx is a pretty strong and muscular cat with wrinkled, warm skin. They are lively and graceful, clever and kind creatures. Don Sphynx is a cat with hairlessness of a dominant gene. A Canadian Sphinx used to be the only registered hairless cat until recently. Don Sphynx cats were first found in Russia in 1987 in Rostov-na-Donu. It all started with the cat Varya who was found in the street and taken home by Helen Konovalova. Cat "baldness" was mistakenly taken for a disease, but hairlessness proved to be stable and inherited. Irina Nemykina, a cat breeder and cattery owner (Myth) kept the cats and turned them into a breed. The originator of the breed is cat Chita. The following ten years of breeding in Rostov-na-Donu, Moscow and St. Petersburg resulted in a full-scale cat breed, enjoying popularity in Russia and Europe alike. Russian experts on aboriginal breeds of cats established the standard for the breed on December 3, 1994. In 1996 Don Sphinx was registered with the World Federation of Cats {WCF}. Don Sphynx are characterized by high body temperature, so they seem hot to the touch, especially if the pet is completely hairless. This is the reason for some opinions that the cats can have the healing effect. Some say Don Sphynx do not cause allergy, but this depends on whether cat owners aret troubled with cat hair, or by saliva, regardless of whether the cat has got hair or not. The only way to know for sure is to be around a hairless cat for a while.

Don Sphynx is a cat with hairlessness of a dominant gene; a hair loosing gene, and that is why it can take up to two years to see the full affects of the cats hair loss, except in the Brush coat or wool coat, which usually remain a fully coated Brush as an adult. However, the texture will also change at various parts of the body, such as the forehead, ears, tail, and paws. The texture on these body parts can change to a brush point, velour, or even flock; it is hard to tell until your kitten becomes an adult. Whichever way the hair goes, your kitten is going to be unique and the talk of all your friends, and relatives. You won't be able to stop petting your cat! Donskoy Sphynx Furr/Coat Types:

1. BRUSH- the kitten is covered with a wool: short or long, soft or rigid. The adult animal remains same. Or on a back and a neck there are sites partial bald. 2. BRUSH - POINT a kitten practically does not differ from a brush, can have shorter wool on a back and a head, a tail in a wool. Adult peterbalds has a dense wool only on a muzzle, paws and, probably a tail, that is on "points". A body bald completely or it is covered with a thin flock. 3. VELOUR - the kitten has a short wool on all a body, longer and dense on paws and a tail. The adult animal can have a short wool on paws and a tail, can become bald, having remained in "socks" or "golfs", extremely seldom to become absolutely bald, but such cases not exception. 4.FLOCK - the kitten, as against three ahead of going types, has "gummanoid" features of a muzzle and increased a wrinkle, that is has the type approached to a naked animal. As a rule, has no moustaches and eyebrowes. A wool...
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