Hairdresser Report

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The Hairdresser’s


The Hairdresser’s

The topic of my project is The Hairdresser’s. I think this is an interesting topic. As it is intertwined with many women and men’s lives. In my project, I will compare three hairdresser’s in Nottingham. And I will present the necessary information involved with services available, the average cost of a haircut and the discounts at different hairdresser’s. The aim of this report is to write about how I felt about completing a project. First of all, I will explain what we did in this project. For example, how we collected information and what important findings I found from the information. Secondly, I will take some time to illustrate the problems I had. I will then document how the problems were solved. And lastly, I will evaluate my report.

Collecting information
A questionnaire was created to collect data. On the one hand, we designed a questionnaire and used it to survey the salon’s situation face to face. Firstly, we chose a Chinese barbershop which is easy for us to communicate with and investigate. Then, we went to the famous Hairdresser’s, Toni &Guy, to collect information. Finally, we chose a local hairdresser’s which is named Topknot. On the other hand, we also designed a simple questionnaire for consumers to collect information of hairdressing salon's reputation and popularity. Through this method, we obtained a lot of accurate information. We also extracted relevant information by other means, such as the Internet, newspapers and flyers of the shop. By gathering information, we had a rough understanding about our project, and we found useful information for the project to study carefully. In my view, through the Internet to getting information is better than other ways, but the best way of getting information is to give a questionnaire to stores and people.

Summary of finding
During this project, I will compare three...
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